Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Leadership a - z: N is for New Hire Orientation

The first 90 days of any employee's job is critical to success, for them, as well as for your team. What
are typical considerations when welcoming a new member to the team?

Consider these items:

1. Schedule time to welcome them to your team. Introduce them to all team members, as well as other influencers and connectors in the department/organization.

2. Create a series of meetings to:
Set expectations  What do they expect from you as a leader? What do you expect from them? How do these align? You may also want to have dialogue about expectations on the team level, depending on their role.

Review the job description. Spend time reviewing the person’s job duties and responsibilities. What are the performance expectations? What does good performance look like? Time spent at the start of a person’s placement is well spent in clarifying behaviorally what is expected of them.

Discuss how their role fits into the work of the entire team, unit and organization. The more you can share about the bigger picture, the easier it is for many employees to see the connections, and know what can happen to others when work is not completed on time or in a complete manner.

Discover their preferences and share yours.  Discuss what they can expect with communication, feedback, performance discussions.

Many HR departments will have a pre-established on-boarding program. As a leader or manager the time spent up front building relationships, clarifying expectations, and providing clear information abou the role and priorities can be invaluable.

What do you want to communicate about yourself as a leader. The direction they will receive? 
What are he goals and priorities of the team?
 How does their work will fit into the bigger picture of the team and the organization?
What can they expect in terms of feedback and support?
What should they know about your style? What should they know about yours? (Learn more about styles through the Everything DiSC profile).

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Unknown said...

welcoming a new member to the team means we have to consider some important points. those are the
1. allocate some time to introduce to team.
2. tell the roles and responsibilities
3. company expectations.
onboarding process

Unknown said...

Give a feel welcome for a new employee is most important one.And give some time for them to introduce our self ans explain the roles and responsibilities for the employee in our company.

employee onboarding