Thursday, January 08, 2009

10 Signs it's Time for a Team Tune Up

10 Signs It’s Time for a Team Tune Up:

Even in a downturn, teams - like cars - need a tune-up to keep running along at peak performance. For many organizations right now, with the changes that are happening, teams may be the most stable entity in a company.

Here are 10 indicators it's time for a team tune up:

1. The team needs a new vision/plan to achieve your business results (or needs to reconnect with your old ones)
2. The team has new leadership
3. The team is unclear about their roles (which often leads to conflict, things falling through the cracks or toes being stepped on)
4. Staff feel undervalued - and performance is going down the tube
5. Gossip is flourishing…as are the water cooler discussions!
6. Team is undergoing, or emerging from, a change management process or a merger and acquisition
7. The team is operating in silos (one part isn’t talking to the other)
8. It’s been a while since you’ve stopped to recognize and celebrate your achievements
9. You need to get from 0 – 100 given the current business climate
10. You want to be proactive!

What tune up does your team need?

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