Thursday, April 05, 2007

Recharging Your Batteries

Recharging Your Batteries

Many of us are starting to wind down for the Easter long weekend -- where most offices will be closed for the next three or four days. Are you going to take advantage of this time to recharge your batteries? Ask yourself, where is your energy level right now?

In speaking with a number of associates and clients over the last few days, I realize that many of us, myself included, have been running on full-tilt since the start of the new year. Energy stocks are lower than usual. What will you be doing this weekend to recharge?

Long weekends are a wonderful time to reconnect with family and those things most important to us. It's also a great time to get things done around the house -- things that may have been hanging over our head, sapping our energy. It's also a great time to reflect back on your accomplishments, and spend time setting out some goals for the next few months. What do you want to have accomplished by summer?

If you aren't going to be recharging this weekend, I hope that you will consider joining me on Saturday May 5th for the Your Balanced Life! Virtual Retreat. From 10 - 4 pm (EST) that day, we will be spending the day retreating virtually from our own homes, reconnecting with those things most important in our lives. We "meet" hourly by phone, connecting for about 20 minutes to undertake a group exercise, and then spend the remaining part of the hour retreating individually at our own locations offline, doing some individual inner work.

I hold these virtual retreats every quarter and participants have joined me from around the world. I'd love to have you join me on May 5th, whether you are recharging this weekend or not. Early bird special pricing is in effect for a few more weeks.

Have a wonderful, restful long weekend!

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