Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Creating the Context for Collaboration

Collaboration is critical to success in today's economy. What context is required for a collaborative workforce?

Here's a quick definition that I often use for Collaboration from Beyerlein, Nemiro, and Beyerlein, 2008):

“Collaboration occurs when individuals work together towards a shared goal, completing the work is dependent on relationships with a purpose, and individuals working together in purposeful ways toward a shared goal are committed to one another’s success” (Beyerlein, Nemiro, Beyerlein, 2008)

As you consider the context for collaboration in your organization or team ask yourself:
  • How clear are shared goals within your organization? how are these communicated? Where might they be unclear?
  • How strong are your team work skills, enabling individuals to work together? What gets in the way of individuals working together?
  • Are relationships strong across the team/department/organization?
  • How purposeful are relationships? Do relationships exist to get work done?
  • What is the level of accountability for results? What is the level of commitment? What needs clarity? Shoring up?

What is the context for collaboration at your organization, or within your team right now? What actions will make it a more enabling context?

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