Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Join me on Twitter for the 100 Days of Biz Success Questions

Tomorrow, September 1st, I'll be starting a Twitter exercise of my own which I hope that you will join me for. For the next 100 days I'll be posting a Biz Success Question of the Day - 100 questions in total. You can follow me @jennbritton.

Many of you know that I've offered the 90 Day Biz Success program for the last few years. It's a program designed to support business owners in their own business growth. We meet over a 3 month period as a small group and 1-1 to look at core business areas (systems, marketing, social marketing) and take forward action on your business. We cover topics such as:
- Developing (or refining) your business vision and values
- Identifying and movning through limiting business beliefs
- Developing core business sytems (bugeting)
- Identifying your competitive advantage (what your strengths are and what makes you stand out)
- Creating your marketing strategy for the next 12 months
- Leveraging social media and networking for your benefit

The next 90 Day BizSuccess program will start on Friday September 10th (11-12 noon Eastern), with registration currently open. There's space for 8 business owners to join me. Will you be one of them?

I hope that you will enjoy the 100 day Biz Success Questions whether you are a leader of a team, a professional or a business owner. Log on to http://www.twitter.com/jennbritton to follow me this fall!

Looking forward to your comments!

Warm regards,

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