Monday, January 25, 2010

Manager Shortage Ahead?

I read about some interesting research put out by Randstad (2009 World of Work Report) in an article in this month's HR Professional magazine. Chair of the HRPA Board of Directors, Antoinette Blunt writes:

"The report, draw from a survey of 2199 employees and 833 managers in the US, found that only 49% of employees aspire to be managers, and, specifically, only 42% of generation Y employees (aged 18-29), 47% of generation X (aged 30-44), and 50% of baby boomers (aged 45-63)."

Pretty interesting findings from Randstad. Blunt continues that the research also found that "sharing knowlegde with others, being responsible for the success of an organization, and able to influence decisions in an organization" are motivators for employees

What are you noticing about the enthusiasm of succession into management in your organization? Does this reflect what you see? Is stepping into management positions motivating in your culture? What are the implications, if any?

Have a terrific week! For those who may be attending HRPA's Conference this week I look forward to connecting with you. I will be presenting on Thursday afternoon on Mentoring: An Essential Ingredient for Any Talent Management Program, followed by a 4:30 booksigning of my new book Effective Group Coaching at the Conference bookstore.

See you there!

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