Sunday, September 09, 2007

Resources for Going and Staying Green

I'm travelling this week on work to the Western Coast of Canada, and on my flight today I came across the mention of a terrific initiative - ZeroFootprint. In fact, travellers with Air Canada can purchase carbon offsets for their flights.

Given my own professional roots in environmental management, and having worked with countries of the Caribbean on climate change issues a few years ago, I am pleased and amazed to see explosive momentum and visibility that climate change and other environmental initiatives are receiving at the moment. It's a very different environment than 10 - 13 years ago. I remember teaching a module on climate change in 1994 at York University for Undergraduate students, and when climate change was seen as a unfounded concept of radical environmentalists. It really does seem that people are now starting to understand and embrace the small changes that they can make on an individual level. It's very encouraging.

Here are some of my favorite environmental educaton initiatives and products right now in Canada:

ZeroFootprint - purchase carbon offsets, and also calculate your ecological/environmental footprint
The Green Shopping Bag from Loblaws - a great deal at 99cents, touted to replace 100 plastic shopping bags. It is amazing to see how the bag is becoming a fashion statement in Toronto. This link will take you to other PC green initiatives
Toronto's Green Box System -- our household has gone from a large bag of garbage a week to a two small shopping bags of garbage every two weeks thanks to the GreenBox system, where everything from diapers to food scraps to dirty papertowels can be diverted from landfill
GreenlivingOnline - great resources

One of the intiatives my business, Potentials Realized, launched back in the summer of 2006 to do our part for the environment has been to move the retreat process to a virtual fora (using telephone conferencing). It might seem a little strange to participate in a retreat without being with people physically, but it is a great option, saving you time and money, and also helping the environment. I'd be happy to speak with you about our upcoming virtual retreats which include:

Get Organized Virtual Retreat (with Professional Organizer and TV Host Hellen Buttigieg): Thursday Sept 27 and October 4 (7-10 pm EST)
Your Balanced Life! Virtual Retreat - Monday October 15 and 22 (7-10pm EST)

Later this fall I will also be holding a Virtual Business Planning Retreat for Small Business Owners, and a new virtual retreat for couples. If you'd like me to send you more information on either of these programs, please feel free to email me and I'll make sure I send info once the dates are confirmed.

What are your favorite "green" products or initiatives right now? Please feel free to comment below.

Have a wonderful week,

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