Thursday, August 03, 2006

2006 Top Human Capital Priorities

I came across an interesting article entitled "Preparation is Vital" by Kevin Oakes published in the July 2006 ASTD T and D magazine which outlines the Human Capital Top Priorities for 2006 (Source: IHRIM, Knoweldge Infusion). Before I give you the results, what are your the top three human capital priorities in your organization this year?

No surprize, with the forecasted talent shortage facing most parts of of North America due to the onset of baby boomer retirement, the number one priority for 39% of organizations surveyed was talent acquisition/recruitment. Closely followed in second place was leadership development (35%). Tied for third, was aligning people and business goals, along with performance management (34% each).

As an external consultant and coach, I am seeing many of these priorities reflected in the organizations I work with, partciularly leadership development and the alignment of people and business goals. As a business owner, manager or consultant, what are your thoughts on this? What are your human capital priorities for 2006?

Jennifer Britton
Potentials Realized

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