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Styles and Teamwork - NaBloPoMo 9

What your style preferences in working and communicating? Do you see the world in broad strokes or fine detail? In a majority of the team and leadership programs I develop with clients we often wind up spending a significant amount of time exploring styles, and how they contribute to what's working, and what's not working within teams, decision making, and communication. A lot of teams find that using an assessment such as the Everything DiSC(R) or the Team Diagnostic as a foundation for our team buiding or team coaching work, creates a common foundation and language to start the dialogue and understanding needed.

I wanted to share one of the weekly tips on teamwork which are posted over at our  Potentials Realized Facebook page in today's blog post:
Photo: Week 22 question for leaders and #teams. How are styles enhancing the conversation on your team? How are they getting in the way. Contact us today for more information on Everything DiSC asessments - Workplace, Sales, Management, Work of Leaders, and the 363 for Leaders.

 Coaching Questions:
What is your style as a leader? How does this influence your communication, leadership and conflict management approach?
What styles exist in your team?
Given these styles, what are the needs and preferences of your team members? Hpw do they approach communication, work and conflict management?

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Jennifer Britton, MES, PCC, CPT
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As an author Jennifer Britton is known for her thought leadership in the area of group and team coaching. She is also a former leader and team builder who spent the first 13 years of her career working within the United Nations as well as the international aid sector. From Boardroom to jungle, beach and forest to mountains, Jennifer has worked to develop teams and leaders in more than 18 countries, and virtually many more. She founded Potentials Realized in 2004 and focuses on leadership, teamwork and coaching skills training.

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