Friday, November 01, 2013

My team and leadership stake for NaBloPoMo: Day 1

Happy November! It's National Blog Posting Month and this past year has seen my blog writing and publishing decline wildly, with the writing and publication of my latest book, From One to Many: Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching (Jossey-Bass, 2013) in late July.

My creative juices are just starting to get renewed again, especially as I have been "hitting the road" undertaking a number of speaking engagements this fall As I have been talking about team and group coaching issues, the conversation inevitably heads towards team and leadership topics. Given that I would like to be writing more regularly again, and particularly returning to more regular posting here at the BizToolkit, I've taken on the challenge of participating (yes, there is my public commitment - so my feet are now in the fire) in the National Blog Posting Month. As a blogger I plan on posting Monday through Friday, with weekend posts connecting to some of the Leadership and Team and Group Coaching Tips I am sharing over at our Facebook pages (Potentials Realized Facebook and the Effective Group Coaching Facebook page).

So, what leadership and team topics do you want to have featured here at the BizToolkit blog this month?

What are the issues keeping you up at night?

What are the resources you are eager to add to your toolkit?

I'd welcome your feedback and comments to put some grist in the mill for this month of writing! I hope that you will join me!

With best wishes,

Jennifer Britton
Potentials Realized
Author of Effective Group Coaching (Wiley, 2010) and From One to Many: Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching (Jossey-Bass, 2013)
Supporting enhanced leadership and teamwork through retreats, training, coaching and consulting support

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