Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How adept is your workforce to change?

A recent survey from Right Management found that"employees of nearly one-third of North American companies — 31 percent — adapt poorly to changes at work, hurting their productivity", as reported by Carrie Mason-Draffen of Newsday.com. The survey also found that only about 1 in 4 employees had the "agility to change". Read the whole article here.

How adept is your workforce to change?
What support are you providing to employees?
What vehicles are you using to support changes (training/coaching etc)?
What areas are you providing support in change management for?

A number of readers have emailed me regarding the silence here at the BizToolkit blog -- thanks for asking how things are going. It's been a very busy 2009 -- providing support to teams and inidividuals throughout the change process through team coaching, workshops and offsite retreats. It's also been a busy spring working on establishing and building a number of mentoring and leadership development programs with clients. On top of it, I am also working on the completion of a book which will be published in early 2010 by Pfeiffer Wiley.Needless to say, as much as I would like to be keeping up with regular posts...my creative juices have been somewhat overstretched. I do hope to be able to return to regular posts in the next few weeks when a number of these projects are onstream and/or completed.

With all the changes that are happening these days a huge competency for teams and professionals is around resilence. This is a topic that's been quite popular with clients. Consider the following questions:
What is your own professional resilience these days?
Which employees and teams are the most resilient in your organization?
What support do you need to shore up your resilence?
What action steps can you take to boost your resilence this quarter?

As always, I welcome your thoughts and comments...please feel free to comment below.

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