Friday, November 27, 2009

What's your meeting style?

I'm sure that many readers here at the blog participate in virtual meetings. Prehaps maybe even too many! As a facilitator, I am always interested in seeing "who" participates in meetings, and what their style is.

There's a terrific article on The Top Ten Meeting Personalities which Jackie Yearney over at has posted. Take a look. She's cut to the core archetyping some of the key personalities that show up on virtual meetings.

Which meeting personality matches yours?

Have a terrific week!


Jennifer Britton
Potentials Realized

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Infusing Coaching Skills into Managers

Coaching skills are critical for managing in today's ever changing landscape. Equipping managers with enhanced coaching skills is an important piece of building internal capacity, strength and resilence within organizations.

Dan Kennedy over at the Great Leadership blog wrote the following article on Infusing Coaching Skills into Managers. He proposes four solid tactics to start equipping your management team with enhanced coaching skills.

I appreciate Dan's comments, especially as I am working right now with a number of corporate clients on enhancing coaching skills and/or developing internal mentoring programs. Several months in to many of these medium term iniatives we are starting to really see tracking and a changing landscape of business relationships with is having an impact on the bottom line.

How are you building coaching skills with your management team?

Have a great week,

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