Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Article on Creating Strong Mentoring Relationships

A quick note to share with you a new article I have written on creating strong mentoring relationships which is now posted at EzineArticles.com. You can read it online here.

If you are working on developing a mentoring program, or are a mentor or mentee yourself, I hope that you will find this, and some of my other posts on mentoring here at the BizToolkit blog useful. As always, I welcome your thoughts!

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Jennifer Britton
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for that very nice article, Jennifer. I was recently assigned to be a mentor to some groups in our company, and I'm preparing a speech for one of our two
corporate retreats. Colorado-based company that I am working at is set to have the meeting in a private event space in Glendale. It's located in Denver. Corporate events planning is not really my piece of expertise, but I'm also helping the new managers on how to arrange all the details. Guiding them is such a pleasure 'coz I know if they'll become good leaders someday, I know I'm somehow a part of it. I think every company should build organizational mentoring for future success.