Tuesday, September 14, 2010

9 Steps to Work Less and Do More Just Released

Today's the day that the Get It Done Guy's 9 Steps To Work Less and Do More is launched! Many of you will know the importance I place on time management and personal productivity.

As his microsite says, "The book's nine steps build a foundation for streamlining how you get what you want out of work (and life):

    • Step 1. Live and work on purpose
    • Step 2: Stop procrastinating
    • Step 3: Conquer your technology
    • Step 4: Cultivate focus
    • Step 5: Stay organized (mentally as well as physically)
    • Step 6: Don't waste time. A lot of supposedly “on task” work
    • Step 7: Optimize!
    • Step 8: Build stronger relationships
    • Step 9: Leverage!:

While I haven't yet read the book myself, I'm really impressed with all of the supports Stever Robin's has put into his many other services such as his podcasts and audio files. Take a look at his microsite http://www.getitdoneguynews.com for some fantastic nuggets! Defintiely check it out and make sure you have at least a few minutes to focus.

You can pick up your own copy today at Amazon.com or Amazon.ca.

Looking forward to sharing more about this resource in the coming weeks!

Warm regards,

Jennifer Britton
Author of Effective Group Coaching
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