Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mentoring and Leadership Development

Many readers will know my affinity to boosting leadership development programs with additional mentoring and/or coaching support. One of the mentoring training programs I developed has won an industry award in the financial services sector. Over the past two years a number of my client's programs have benefited from stuctured mentoring components. As we look out on the landscape, it's interesting to note how many leadership and succession intiatives are now being supported by a formal mentoring process.

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There was a terrific article recently published on the Reliable Plant blogs by Debbie Zmorenski entitled "Developing Your Leadership Skills Through Mentoring" . In the article she defines mentoring as as makes the distinction between coaching and mentoring.

In particular she identifies the following 7 tips for maximizing your mentoring experience:

"If you are considering seeking out a mentor, here are seven tips for maximizing your mentoring experience:
Know your goals.
Choose the best mentor to meet your goals.
Begin your mentoring relationship by discussing mutual goals and expectations.
Practice the highest standards of professionalism.
Learn to accept and give feedback.
Practice good communication.
Recognize that your success is your responsibility."

Definitely check out Debbie's article for many more useful tips on how to avoid the pitfalls of mentoring!

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