Wednesday, November 26, 2008

6 Essential Skills for Today's Marketplace

I spoke last week to a group of financial services professionals on essential skills to navigate today's marketplace. I wanted to share a few of these skills with you this week at the blog.

In today's times of unprecidented change, developing your change muscle and learning to thrive in a highly complex, interconnected, unpredictable marketplace often requires a shift in the way most professionals have been doing business.

One school of thought which I was initially introduced to as a graduate student years in the early 1990s was systems theory. Systems theory really pervaded my work in the realm of international development, ecology and the environment given the interconnected and complex nature of the problems being addressed (poverty, climate change etc). I'm finding it very interesting how discussions around systems theory are now becoming quite mainstream, and influential, in the dialogue around the current economic situation. One of the gifts of systems theory is the ability to deal with these highly complex, interconnected processes/systems.

One author who have been writing on these subjects in the last few years includes Peter Senge (MIT Professor and author of The Necessary Revolution, Presence). I heard Peter speak a few weeks ago in Montreal and his message was powerful, and taken from his work in The Necessary Revolution. Peter also tied in the concept of sustainability, an older environmental adege from the early 90s, AND one that is resurfacing as a core concept for 2008.

What are some of the core skills and approaches you are seeing as essential in today's marketplace? For individuals? For Teams? As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts....


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