Thursday, October 30, 2008

Teams on Thursday - Teams in the Downturn

There has been a lot of discussion lately about what role teams play in the current business context given the recent volatility in the markets.

I have found it interesting to see clients continue to invest, proactively, to team based intiatives, in part recognizing that the only way they will get their work completed is through their teams, whether the team is established, or is newly forming, given the organizational changes.

Here are 5 reasons teams why teams continue to remain a driving force of organizations throughout this downturn:

1. The Power of Collective Wisdom - Psychologists have demonstrated for years that group decisions are better than decisions made one off.
What does the collective wisdom of your team know that the individuals don't?

2. Reducing duplication --When teams function well, team systems can reduce a lot of the duplicaton and time spent with tasks being repeated by individuals.
What systems do you have in place as a team that reduces duplication? Any new systems needed to address duplication that is going on?

3. A diversity of approaches to services, products and support to clients/customers -- one of the greatest gifts of a team approach can be the diversity of approaches and philosophies it's individual memebers brings.
What new ideas live in your team which could support you in doing things differently?
4. The Power of Collaboration: Collaboration in and of itself often also leads to new ideas and approaches.
What step can your team take this week to enhance collaboration, or remove barriers to collaboration?

5. Enhanced Sustainability: While team members may come and go, teams in and of themselves usually have a footprint or essence greater than its members.
What's the essence of your team? What's the footprint it leaves?

Have a wonderful week!
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