Thursday, June 26, 2008

Teams On Thursdays: Intergenerational Team Management Issues

Teams on Thursday: Intergenerational Team Management Issues

Intergenerational management issues continue to be a hot topic in the world of management and HR these days – whether it’s getting in touch with how employees of different generations get along, or how mentoring relationships between different generations can be fostered.

What intergenerational Team Management Issues are showing up on your team?

Here are a few questions to consider

* Who is on our team? Is it GenX, Millenials (Gen Y) or Boomers?
* What are our preferences in terms of communication? Leadership? Teamwork?
* What common ground exists amongst all of us regardless of generational membership?
*What is the biggest challenge our team faces due different generational membership?
* What is the biggest opportunity our team faces due to different generational membership?

Here's a link to a blog post I wrote last year on Managing across Generations, with a number of tips from CCL for managers and leaders to consider.

What resources or articles do you like/refer to when looking at this issue of intergenerational management?

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