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Solid Foundations for Mentoring Relationships

The Art of Relationship : Mentoring
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Great Mentoring is all about building strong relationships

Studies have shown that mentoring fails because:

1.Lack of commitment to the relationship
2.Unclear expectations
3.Lack of trust

"For a Mentoring relationship to be effective, both parties must commit the time and energy to work with each other” – Murphy and Ensher

What energy (time and focus) have you invested to your mentoring partnership?

Whether you are a mentor or protege/mentee, create a solid foundation for your mentoring relationship, by holding a first meeting to discuss your expectations, groundrules etc, and consciously shaping your relationship.

Some of the questions you may want to consider discussing include:

  • What are your goals for this relationship?
  • What role do you want me to play?
  • What do you expect from our relationships (for mentor, for protege)?
  • What are our boundaries?
  • How frequently will we meet?
  • If there are milestones or success measures for the protege - what do these look like?
  • What are we committed to?

Even if you've been working together for a while it's never too late to discuss these questions. The stronger your relationship, the more powerful your mentoring experience will be.

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