Monday, February 24, 2014

Resource for Team Leaders : Teams365 Blog

This year I have embarked on a new blogging adventure - the Teams365 blog. The blog is geared for
team leaders and team members. Every day during 2014 I will be posting a question, quotation or other resource to stimulate thinking and action for teams and team leaders to do their best.

You can follow along daily at our Potentials Realized Facebook page, or follow the Teams365 blog at our Potentials Realized site.

Here are some of the most popular recent posts:

Team Leader Behaviors that Build Trust (a five minute audio). Click to listen in here.

Posts around teams and strengths: Read them here.

10 Essential Teamwork Skills - Read them here.

I will continue to post several times at month at this blog, and  if you are interested to join us for the daily Teams 365 blog posts during 2014.


Best wishes,

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