Monday, September 21, 2009

How to Develop a Leadership Development Strategy

Dan McCarthy, over at Great Leadership, wrote a fantastic post last month on How to Develop a Leadership Development Strategy. He goes through 7 key steps/stages which are essential in developing a leadership development strategy.

Regardless of economic situations, leadership development is still seen as a critical investment for many leading organizations. Staff and teams may be getting leaner, and in these times GREAT leadership is imperative.

I really enjoyed Dan's post given that I have been very involved in developing several leadership development strategies with partner organizations in the year. A number of them are now rolling out in pilot and secondary phase, and it is amazing to see how seeds planted are starting to sprout within these teams.

Dan's really got a handle on the importance of a holistic, structured approach, one that is grounded in competencies.

What do you see as essential ingredients for GREAT Leadership development?


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