Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Year, New Predictions

Happy New Year Everyone! It's an exciting time of year -- new year, new resolutions and possibly some new habits.

I love all the predictions that are made at this time of year -- it always seems to open up new possibilities and new perspectives.

It also seems like a lot of different issues are hitting different people's radarscreeens - depending on where you live and what you do.

However, two of the most common themes wherever you are, are the ECONOMY and CHANGE.

Here are some of the trendspotting articles I have enjoyed lately:

US News Top 30 Careers for 2009: With all the change that's going on in the world of work, this is an interesting list of project top careers for 2009. Which ones would you like to explore?

US News Best Small Businesses to start in 2009: Ready to take the plunge into the world of self-employment? This article may stimulate some new thoughts!

Hot Fitness Trends for 2009 from WebMD: Is anyone else seeing a spike of attendance at the gym? The pressures of the economy seem to be supporting many to find better balance and stress management.

ASTD's 2008 State of the Industry Report: The ELearning Council has a nice summary here of some of the major workplace learning trends last year.

What trends are you watching this year? What are some of your new resolutions?
Have a great start to 2009!
Warm wishes,

Jennifer Britton, PCC

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