Friday, August 24, 2007

Change Management - The World Is Flat

One of my favorite summer reads this year has been The World is Flat (Release 2.0) by Thomas L. Friedman. It's very apropos given a lot of my recent posts on change management.

Many of you may have read it already, but if you haven't it's a great book which looks at many of the forces which have "flattened the world", requiring new perspectives, paradigms and ulitmately changing the way we do business.

Friedman goes through 10 of the forces which have helped to flatten the world - looking at topics such as podcasting, community developed answers such as Wikipedia (Wikinomics is another great book on this topic if you haven't read it yet). He also has a great section on how companies can cope with this flatter world.

It's a great read, particularly if you or your business is leveraging, or looking to leverage, change in today's business world. I also enjoyed the section on "globalization of the local" which discusses how this flattening of the world is strengthening local and regional identities in many instances. As a former global manager myself when the early face of "globalization" was not quite as positive -- it is amazing to see how technology is indeed flattening the world, and giving many of us the power to compete and be heard amongst the larger giants.

I hope that you'll consider taking a peak at The World is Flat -- I've added it to my bookstore via Amazon, where it joins many of the other books I've recently enjoyed.

Have a great weekend! I'm going to be retreating this weekend, running Relationships on Fire! a one day couples retreat here in Muskoka. My colleague and collaborator, Sharon Miller, and I will be running this again in the coming months, so if you couldn't join us this weekend in Muskoka we hope to have you join us next time!

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