Monday, April 30, 2007

5 Things Business can do for the Environment

5 Things Business Can Do For The Environment
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To keep the momentum alive on environmental issues, today’s post includes 5 things businesses can do for the environment:

1. Evaluate your recycling practices within the office: What does your office recycle? Ink Toner Cartridges? Paper? Bottles? Cans? What else can you do to enhance your recycling processes in your office?

2. Review your air travel usage. Are face to face meetings always necessary? Could technology be leveraged to reduce your staff travel schedule? Some ideas to consider are leverage teleconferencing, as well as webinars. Could face to face retreat work be replaced by virtual retreats?

3. Replace incandescent light bulbs with more energy efficient low wattage florescent bulbs. This week the Government of Canada has announced that within the next five years consumers will no longer be able to purchase the regular Thomas Edison style lightbulbs. Wherever possible turn off lights in rooms that are not being used -- for example, conference rooms.

4. Look to reduce product packaging: Despite the efforts by many companies to move to less bulky product packaging, many products still remain over packaged. How can your company reduce product packaging or make the packaging itself a non-disposible item?

5. Provide workers with incentives to car pool, bike or use public transit. Here in Toronto, the average commuter travels over 1.5 hours a day – imagine that time spent commuting multiplied over a business year. How can your business support your staff in taking healthier, and less stressful ways to work?

Which of these ideas could your business consider implementing? What other ideas do you have for business to do their part for the environment. I'd love to hear your thoughts - please feel free to comment below.

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Jennifer Britton is the founder of Potentials Realized, a Canadian based performance improvement company, offering coaching, training and consulting services. A former global manager with international organizations and the UN, Jennifer worked on environmental and capacity building programs. She has a Masters in Environmental Studies and has worked on biodiversity, climate change, and sea turtle research programs throughout the Caribbean.

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