Monday, November 27, 2006

What are Job Seekers looking for?

What are Job Seekers Looking for?

This month's ASTD T & D Magazine quotes interesting research found by Accenture regarding the organization characteristics that matter most to job seekers. What do you think they are?

Here they are in order of importance - the top ten organization characteristics that matter most to job seekers:

1. Offers challenging and interesting work - 60%
2. Recognizes and rewards accomplishments - 58%
3. Provides an opportunity for fast career growth and advancement - 44%
4. Is financially strong - 42%
5. Is people oriented - 42%
6. Offers flexible work arrangements - 41%
7. Is innovative - 33%
8 Is approachable - 27%
9. Fosters a team-oriented environment - 27%
10. Is a global company - 26%

What does your organization have to offer to potential job candidates? Are you surprised by these results? What do you have planned for 2007 to strengthen these characteristics? If you are a job seeker, do you agree?

Trends are forecasting a talent shortage in many industries across North America over the next 5-10 years as the baby boomers retire. How will this impact you?

I'd welcome hearing your thoughts with respect to these questions. Please feel free to comment below.

Jennifer Britton, CHRP, CPCC, CPT
Potentials Realized

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