Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Virtual Teams - What's all the Buzz?

Globalization, shrinking travel budgets and enhanced technology have led to virtual tams becoming common place in today's business world.

Virtual teams span distance, timezones, geographic locations, and often language and culture.

As a former Director and Manager of Programs, a large part of my job involved virtual team management. In the 1990s, prior to today's technological advances, my role as a virtual team in leader was often undertaken by long-range radio, and at best, telephone. This was before the days of Email! Interspersed were blessed times of face-to-face meetings with my virtual team. Email has certainly made virtual team management. My last role as a Manager involved managing staff across 10 countries -- no easy feat but made much easier through email and communications technology.

The advent of the Internet and other wireless communication has provided a catalyst for virtual teams popping up in most industries, sectors, and countries around the world. And yet the challenges have not changed - communication, trust, and finding a way to work effectively across distance.

In following posts, I will be exploring the world of virtual teams, virtual team management and virtual team performance. What's your biggest question about virtual teams?


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