Monday, September 25, 2006

Does Your Company Have a Blog?

Is your company a member of the blogosphere? Do you have a business or corporate blog?

Blogging has quickly become a compliment to traditional media houses, allowing customers to find out more about the face behind the website or phone number.

Here's a fun article from Brian Brown on 101 Reasons for Your Small Business to Have a Blog

I've seen for myself what blogging has done for my business:
  • Enabled me to provide more information and resources to my clients around the world on an on-going basis
  • Reduced my marketing and advertising costs
  • Allowed me to quickly spread the word about the upcoming programs and services I am offering on a global level
  • Connected me with some amazing resources, and collaborators
  • Shortened the time needed to convert prospects into clients
  • Expanded my client base into 6 new countries this year!

If you are looking for some resources on where to go for support in creating your own blog, check out Build a Better Blog by Patsi Krakoff and Denise Wakeman. They are a phenomenal resource in this area.

If you are a member of a larger corporation or Fortune 500, you may also want to check out Easton Ellsworth's Fortune 500 Corporate Blog Review Series at BusinessBlogWire.

If you are just reading blogs, and not creating one for your company -- what are you waiting for?

Jennifer J. Britton ~ Potentials Realized

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